About Us

Our Company Vision

We are specialized in flexible low cost solutions with exceptional capabilities. with a Goal, Vision and Intention to share knowledge and by following the great saying of Dr. Kalam's Vision of "Taking Technology to the Common Man".

Since 2012

about imageI-Grandee Unmanned Systems Pvt.LTD develops, manufactures, markets and supports UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms and control systems for military, law enforcement and civilian/industrial applications. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce the most cost effective UAVs on the market. We specialize in research and development, manufacturing, and operator training for complete Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

UAS have more than proven their value in both military and commercial world. Today, UAS are utilized for applications closer to home. Whether monitoring our borders, protecting its citizens, monitoring pipeline utility assets or finding those who are lost and in distress, small UAS can be launched quickly, day or night, to provide precise situational awareness whenever and wherever they are needed.

We are based in Chennai, is a young emerging company focusing on the development & production of Small sized fixed wing , flying Wing and VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.IGUS provides complete solutions for UAS hardware, services, training, research and development.

Whoever sets high goals for himself needs the corresponding equipment to achieve them.This is exactly the case when you require surveillance,monitoring and reconnaissance flights using unmanned aerial vehicles. Whether for military or civil purposes, for research projects or to deal with emergencies – IGUS offers what you need to get the job done.