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Grey Eye (Advanced Light Mini UAS)

Grey Eye is an advanced light UAS that is ideal for providing frontline troops with increased situational awareness. The system is easy to deploy and is designed for fully autonomous operations from Launch through Mission Execution and Recovery. The UAS can be equipped with interchangeable payloads and features like Gyro stabilized Electro Optic Zoom camera, Gyro stabilized Day/Night camera & Thermal camera, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Grey Eye can be operated in all weather, day and night operations and capable of rapid deployment.

  • Grey Eye is simple, compact lightweight modular with a rugged and proven design.
  • The system consists of an Aerial Vehicle with Day and Night payloads, Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS), Compact remote video terminal and launch & recovery system.
  • The system come with two UAVs with MPGCS, one RTV(Portable) receivers (video) and adequate spares along with the necessary storage devices.
  • Grey Eye has an endurance of 6 hours with maximum payload (13kgs) above sea level with the range more than 20 Kms.
  • Fitment, removal and replacement of sensors and modules are simple, quick and easily executable in field conditions.
  • In case of emergency/break in communication during the flight, the system will automatically change to programmable 'Return Home' mode.
  • Customized power management unit.
Wing Span
Wing Area
Take-off Weight(without payload)
Max Take-off Weight
Max Payload
Take off Distance (with Payload)
Pneumatic Launcher (Optional)
7*7 m
Fuel Tank Capacity
Standard Flight Speed
60~80 Km/Hr
Max Speed (with Payload)
100 Km/Hr
Max Speed (without Payload)
120 Km/Hr
Flying Altitude
400ft To 8000ft
High Climbing Speed
> 20Km
Flying Time
> 4 Hours
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  • Heavy duty pan servo can rotate 0-360 degrees at 1.4 sec / 60 degree.
  • Heavy duty tilt servo can rotate +/-90 degrees at 1.0 sec / 60 degrees.
  • Tripod stand
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 SDK to interface with user GCS.
  • Wide range of DC Input (8 – 40V) with reverse polarity protection
  • Optional interface to RC receiver, DC input voltage indication and 900 Mhz/2.4Ghz wireless modem
  • Real time video and data transfer from on board platform to the GCS.
  • Recording of Video in high resolution for pose flight analysis.
  • Ability to change video channels on board in the UAV during the flight using the GCS.
  • Mission completion in GPS denied area using First Pilot View (FPV) concept.
  • System deployment, turnaround and packing times under 10 minutes.